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Title: Need Help With XR18 ASAP!
Post by: Kevy Nova on May 19, 2019, 06:51:52 PM
Hi Everyone!

I just got an XR18 to use for a children's play. I'm using it to control five condenser stage mics, music and sound fx from behind the audience. During tech week rehearsals, it worked great but last night at our first performance, the mics didn't work! It seems to me that even though it looked on the X Air app that I could move the faders, mute/unmute, etc... none of it actually did anything. It seemed to be "frozen in time" from when I shut everything down the previous night. So the mics were muted, even when it looked they were not and all the levels stayed the same even when I raised and lowered them on the app. I'm very new to this and don't know what went wrong. The app showed that phantom power was on to the mics.

Tonight is our second and final performance. The kids have worked really hard for six months so I'd like for them to be heard! Any help would be HUGELY appreciated!

Title: Re: Need Help With XR18 ASAP!
Post by: WK154 on May 20, 2019, 01:50:38 AM
If your using the internal WiFi then that's the most probable cause especially as the audience shows. Simply put you have no connection. If you have a PC laptop and a Ethernet cable you can survive. You could also ask the audience to put their cells in airplane mode if they want to hear their kids. :)  Worked for me. The long answer is here