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Title: XDM series mixer
Post by: WK154 on April 02, 2013, 09:46:26 PM
The XDM1212 an upgrade for the DL806 and Dl1608 has been issued by the powers to be. It's offered as a $25 -
$50 upgrade option to make up for all the initial shortcomings of the Dl series. Tablets, laptops, cables
and cases are not provided.
An advanced preamp with full digital gain control is provided. Both mic/line inputs on 8 mic ins.
Four additional line inputs that also handle wireless mics completes the input section.
Individual control of Phantom power for mic channels.
Direct outs for all channels for better FX units.
Variable size sub-channels for all occasions.
Any and all inputs (12) available for any and all outputs (12).
Basic channel processing includes AGC (automatic gain control), Eq's for 4 filters (high pass, low pass,
Parametric, and notch for a very high Q and of course bypass).
Gate for each channel with flexible trigger conditions.
AEC and NC for advanced remote input.
Accurate meters for input levels, post gain levels, post processing levels, and post gating levels for each
input mic/line channel.
32x32 switching matrix provides routing flexibility.
Assignable processing block for any and all inputs. They provide an additional 15 filters from a selection
of All pass, low pass, high pass, low shelving, high shelving, parametric EQ, notch and CD horn. For
crossovers you have Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, add to that a compressor and output delay. Of
course there are meters to show you the effects of your choices.
For the output channels a mute and NOM (number of open mics -3dB for each doubling of mics) along with gain control
(sliders) is available to control the final product.
Handy tools for setup include a signal generator with Pink noise, White noise, Single Frequency and auto
sweep frequency assignable to any input channel. External inputs for other devise control and RS232
control is available. This provides Bluetooth, Network, IR (TV remote), other wireless and wired control
of the mixer. That's up to 9600 ft. if needed.
The whole XDM series can be upgraded in increments of 12 input/outputs up to 96 channels.
As you can see most of you popular requests have been answered.
Now where did I put that camera since the ipad does't cut it? State tune for pics. Oh this is V5.0.6 of
Disclaimer:  Upgrade at your own risk!
I guess I beat V1.4 from Mac.

Title: Re: XDM series mixer
Post by: RoadRanger on April 02, 2013, 11:03:16 PM
XAP800 or something different?
Title: Re: XDM series mixer
Post by: WK154 on April 02, 2013, 11:08:09 PM
Had to run. Forgot about a minor detail. Yes the XAP800 and its successors. I've used them in lot's of different applications over the years ~ 6. Specs apply to the XAP800. The names were changed to ward of legal beagles and protect the innocent.
Title: Re: XDM series mixer
Post by: Jkowtko on May 02, 2013, 02:17:17 AM
I'm interested, and I don't mind doing a bit of wiring. 

We have an XAP400 and XAP800 in our conf room two doors down from my office.  If they are that packed with DSP features then for the $30 price tags I'm seeing on eBay I am definitely interested in buying a couple of them and setting up a 24 channel mixer.   This could be a fun project (after I get my car stereo wiring finished!)

Can you provide more info on your complete setup.  Pics would be great as well, although a diagram would be plenty.

Also, are you using vanilla G-ware or have you modified the UI to make it any more user-friendly?

Thanks.  John
Title: Re: XDM series mixer
Post by: WK154 on May 02, 2013, 08:53:00 PM
The info your looking for are at:
There are programs from AMX,  Crestron, Control4 and many others to simplify and customize control of Gentner/ClearOne and others although some are pricey. Targets are iPad and other tablets. I find the basic software from ClearOne to be adequate for my purposes.