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DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: Max channel recording on DL32R
« Last post by ToH2002 on Yesterday at 10:47:14 PM »
I think that came with MasterFader 3.2 some time in 2015 (stone age  ;) )
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: Better way of importing into Audacity?
« Last post by ToH2002 on Yesterday at 10:44:56 PM »
Take a look at this topic:

This tool allows you to do three things at a time

  • de-multiplex your multi-track audio files into individual mono and stereo files
  • concatenate your tracks across multiple sequential source files so you have one continuous file for every track (or track pair)
  • give those individual tracks meaningful names

BTW: if you want to mix and process your tracks, there are some better alternatives available than Audacity - also for free! My top free recommendations would be Tracktion 6 and Cakewalk. These are full DAWs, whilst Audacity (to me) is still very much an audio editor, with some DAW capabilities slapped on. Doesn't mean that you can't produce good tracks on it, but on some of the other platforms, the process is far less painful...


DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: DL1608 vs. DL16S
« Last post by ToH2002 on Yesterday at 10:33:07 PM »
Do you have something to hide? [...]

As to "FUD" and IBM incarnation I would consider it more "experience"on my part. Yes the younger crowd will find it more challenging to affect your performance (also experience). I think the word would be "RESPECT" or lack thereof.

Gaaah - always that same argument towards people who value a certain bit of data privacy: "do you have something to hide"? I'm not going to dignify this with an answer...

Now to the younger crowd "who will find it more challenging to affect your performance". Just to understand your statement: are you advocating to not use wifi-controlled mixers when there are young crowds around? Or are you advocating to use more hardened dedicated Wifi solutions that will not be as easily affected than the built-in cards of some of the current mixing solutions?

Still want to understand why you consider Mackie's  built-in Wifi solution only applicable to rehearsals - you remain vague about this...
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: EQ’ing multiple songs
« Last post by Jooles15 on Yesterday at 07:17:08 PM »
Charging problem unresolved so have arranged to exchange the unit with the retailer.
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: EQ’ing multiple songs
« Last post by WK154 on Yesterday at 04:39:16 PM »
Re-reading my answer it was probably not clear (corrected in post) as to the reason for headphone listening. It was to avoid more room acoustics such as the rehearsal space from affecting your evaluation. Pink noise like Video Screen Test Card is to provide a full (or not) frequency range (20 -20K) steady signal so you can adjust the audio. Used mostly in conjunction with a RTA or good ears. You have a noble goal but remember it's good not to adopt bad habits since they're hard to change. A good book or some of the U-tube tutorials from Pro's may be a good start. Plenty of practice won't hurt either. Also keep in mind that the mixer is not a fix-all for a poor performance. The saying in audio is that "less is more" applies here. Lastly is your DL1608 charging problem solved? There are a few UK folks on this board that may be of help. Yes there are mathematical ways to define room acoustics but they are not used in live performances AFAIK.
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Better way of importing into Audacity?
« Last post by jneau on Yesterday at 11:56:18 AM »
There's gotta be a better way of importing multi-tracks than the way I do it.  Here's what I do (currently recording 24 tracks):

- open the first file which creates 24 tracks
- import the second file which creates 24 MORE tracks
- for each track imported with the second file, cut it and append it to the appropriate track from the first file, then join them

Also, why is the first track always panned hard Left and the second track panned hard left? I know how to fix it, but it's annoying.
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Max channel recording on DL32R
« Last post by jneau on Yesterday at 02:00:34 AM »
When I first got my DL32R and was running Master Fader 3.2.1, I thought I remembered reading that you could record up to 24 channels on an external drive.

I know the current capability is 32, but at what point did it get upped from 24 to 32?
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: Master/My Fader V5 Wants and Speculation
« Last post by jr_jrafael on September 18, 2018, 08:55:10 PM »
Good afternoon, we are looking forward to this release ... we are already waiting for 90 days ... Do you already have a forecast?
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: EQ’ing multiple songs
« Last post by Jooles15 on September 18, 2018, 08:18:18 PM »
My approach has been similar, adjusting each backing track not through headphones but in my rehearsal space, my intention being to then adjust for venue room acoustics using a global EQ if such a process exists. Not come across the term ‘pink noise’ before, is this an audio equivalent of a screen Test card (apologies if you’re not uk based and do not recognise this term!)

I am almost entirely new to sound engineering, only really having guessed my way through with reasonable results. I really want to learn in order to exploit the DL and maximise the quality of our sound.
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