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John - thanks for the picture. I think this is the problem with mine but still under warranty so will be going back for repair in the near future.
About six months after getting my DL32R I opened it and reseated one ribbon cable, for an output issue.
That was more than a year ago.
Since then, all good.

I believe this is the 4th time iíve had to do this.  About 3-6 months between repairs.

So, thatís 1-3, plus a rehearsal per week.  Or, 4 to 8 moves per week.  About 200-400 miles per week in the back of my car.   

Whatever the cause - movement, temp changes, air quality - mine suffers from it =(

Compared to the old analog Yamaha console, which had maybe 6 years, 2500 shows, saw three countries and 20 states, was manhandled, rained on, beer spilled in it, used hot dessert sun and freezing cold, once fell off the lift gate (in a road case) and a lightning strike to a rack on stage that was directly linked to that mixer via a 200ft snake...  only suffered a single broken knob, and a couple scratchy faders...   

The Mackie has never been bumped or manhandled...  zero beer or moisture exposure. Only used in a smoky venue maybe 4 times..

Yamaha analog wins the tough category.

Presonus loses bigger - had one that died after a power surge - it was 2 months old.  Replacement failed within 6 months - I/o board issue. Replacement replacement was sold and completely melted down on new owner within a year - out of warranty and completely dead.

I would like to get a new DL32r to replace my current one, or maybe something similar. Hopefully a little more robust.   Keep waiting for the next big thing, but no luck.
Hi John,

About six months after getting my DL32R I opened it and reseated one ribbon cable, for an output issue.
That was more than a year ago.
Since then, all good.

Good health,  Weogo
My DL32R has been misbehaving and it's time to spank it - again.

For a while now, input 5 was not working - no signal from anything plugged in, so I just avoided that for a couple months.
One of the aux outs has been down that we use for our horn section monitors - sometimes it works, sometimes not, so we moved them to another output.
Channel 12 has been up and down for months - that's been a rack tom - we just moved it to another input.
Input 8 where our Subkick was stopped working at a gig a couple weeks ago.
And the straw that broke the camel's back - the "Left" output failed during a show where we were sending a stereo feed to a pro audio company that was running FOH...... It worked at sound check, but failed during the show.   We run a stereo mix, so we had to center everything for them to hear those left channel sources.

Had it failed before the show, it would have been no problem - we would have had time to swap the output and then use the matrix to re-route the left channel to another aux. and then you would have never known from the console.

How to "fix" this situation on a more permanent basis, short of sending it in for repair?

Since this is a slow week for my band, no rehearsal, and just one show so I brought the rack in and ripped the DL32R from it and unscrewed eleventy-billion screws to remove the top.

I then *carefully* pulled each ribbon cable loose (but not all the way out) and then *carefully* slide it back into place.
This is apparently enough to clean the oxidation from the contact points and reestablish the connection.

A quick check before putting the cover back on and all is okay (for another few months hopefully)....
I believe it was about July the last time I did this. Maybe I will write the date under the cover =)

If you are losing channels on your DL32R - it's likely this same issue.   If under warranty - send it in for sure and don't do like me, put off sending it in until it is out of warranty because you are using it every night.

Want to see inside?   Go here:

Behringer X-Air / Re: Dan Dugan Automixer ??
« Last post by WK154 on November 11, 2017, 06:36:32 AM »
Well Dan Dugan finally told them to stop using his name since he had nothing to do with it. Yeah Dan.
At least to Musicianspro Sean Thomas, who by the way makes much more informative videos than Behringer (sorry Phil you need a better script writer).

Dan Dugan
1 year ago
Please don't use my name to describe a process that isn't mine.

DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: Loud Technologies Sold
« Last post by WK154 on November 11, 2017, 06:07:36 AM »
I forgot that Uli made a big deal out of making 2017 NAMM his last appearance there. Here is the story for Ripley's Belief it or Not.
I've been at both the current Canoga Park (LA area) and Las Vegas facility's and they certainly don't meet the concept. Haven't heard about any others I guess he's to busy moving into Behringer City. If I want to get hands on experience I visit Guitar Center or similar stores and also  view his competition. So much for a cup of coffee. The rest is handled via the Internet and published manuals which recently seem to be non-existent for new products from Behringer and even Midas. I'm sure the competitions appreciates the missteps. It also sounds like what Loud did in the Far East a while back.
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: New DL32r in House, 1 basic ?
« Last post by dpdan on November 08, 2017, 09:36:02 PM »
Congrats!!! You'll love it!!!  I hope :)
you can also assign any mix that you want to those monitor outputs.
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: New DL32r in House, 1 basic ?
« Last post by Weogo on November 08, 2017, 08:36:34 PM »
Hi Musicman,

Just to the left of the  Shows  box, tap on the three boxes and line.

Where it says MONITOR,
the bottom slider is for Monitor volume control.
The slider above it is for controlling the Monitor alignment delay, for instance if you are out at FOH.

Am betting you are going to like the DL32R!

Good health,  Weogo
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: Loud Technologies Sold
« Last post by WK154 on November 08, 2017, 08:00:11 PM »
At least Mackie is sharing a booth with Ampex at 2018 NAMM (201CD). Behringer/Music group/Midas are not signed up. Wonder if Uli reached the same problem Gregg Mackie faced a while back.
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / New DL32r in House, 1 basic ?
« Last post by musicman7722 on November 08, 2017, 05:02:01 PM »
Well I went from my DL1608 to a Behringer XR18.  I just moved onto a DL32r.  I have no issues with the XR18 but I missed a few features of the Master fader that I just didn't want to give up.

I have used a DL1608 for 5+ years I am not a newbie to their apps or hardware but I have a question I can't seem to answer with their manual.  I did search here too.

The L and R monitor out?  How do I control the volume to these?

Thank you

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