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DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Updates, Updates, Updates?
« Last post by Keyboard Magic on May 25, 2017, 07:19:09 PM »
Haven't been lurking around the forum much.

Any rumours or hints of any firmware and MF updates in the foreseeable future for the DL series mixers?

Inquiring minds want to know!  8)  ;)
Worked perfectly appending my own date to the front (my date and time is off by MONTHS on the dl32r)

I appreciate this greatly!!!!!!!Q
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: delay on FOH
« Last post by Greg C. on May 23, 2017, 07:15:17 PM »
Got it and think I'm understanding the concept better.

I was simply thinking that in a venue deep enough to need satellites, people in the back would not hear any
stage sound, so why delay the satellites.
I guess the concept is the relationship of sound traveling thru air from the FOH spkrs being more in sync
with the satellites and I can see that as a valid reason for the delay.

Sound is pretty slow. It travels about 1 millisecond per foot (actually a tiny bit faster than that, but it's close enough). So if you're 100 feet away from the stage, that's a 100ms of travel time until it hits your ears, or 1/10 of second. If you need rear fills to help get PA to the folks at the back of the room without killing people in front with excessive mains levels & you don't add the properly delay, the folks that can here the fills will hear an echo and it will smear intelligibility noticeably. This is true of smaller venues and big ones like say the Coachella festival outdoors where they run line array towers on delay.

The phenomena of the speed of sound is also interesting in that if you're shot by sniper with a high power rifle, the bullet will hit you before you hear the shot since those type of rounds are hypersonic - faster than the speed of sound ;)
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: delay on FOH
« Last post by Greg C. on May 23, 2017, 07:07:46 PM »
As far as the delay goes, the ballpark is ~1ms per foot. So if your fills are about 60 feet from the mains, then you'll need about a 60ms delay to line them up.
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: delay on FOH
« Last post by shufflebeat on May 22, 2017, 05:02:46 PM »
Ah, you piqued my tech-itch there - got it.

I should have considered the use of a Y-splitter to accommodate 2 speakers in mono - otherwise as you were.
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: delay on FOH
« Last post by Weogo on May 22, 2017, 01:48:20 PM »
Hi Shufflebeat,

Sorry, that is a patching setup I use in a venue that still has a Yamaha 01V96, which has delay on Groups.
The 01V96 even has separate, independent delays on the L/R masters.

There is a way to do this with only one Aux.
Make Aux-6 post-fade, apply and use for delay, Label BACK.
Use an XLR-Y cable out out of Aux-6 for two delay-fill speakers.
Label LR Master FRONT.  You can still do 'stereo' LR.
Label VCA-1 HOUSE for master level control, assign LR and Aux6 to VCA-1.
You still have independent level of Front and Back.

Thanks and good health,  Weogo
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: delay on FOH
« Last post by shufflebeat on May 22, 2017, 10:27:13 AM »
 Hey, Weogo, I like the sound of that, for the price of  a two splitter cables you're reclaiming two aux sends. How are you delaying group 2?

I'm on MF4.6 and there are only delays on the aux sends and L/R (linked for stereo).
DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: delay on FOH
« Last post by Ram on May 22, 2017, 03:38:08 AM »
Thank you Rdmitch and Weogo!
I know I will learn a lot by asking here and I certainly did!
I will use Rdmitch's solution since it is easy for me to do.
Sweet... had two shows over the weekend and screwed up one and forgot to stop the recording between sets, soooo 4 hours of recording in 22 tracks multitrack wav format that I have not even looked at yet....   

That'll be a good test =)

DL1608/DL806/DL32R/ProDX Mixers / Re: delay on FOH
« Last post by Weogo on May 22, 2017, 01:21:01 AM »
Hi Ram,

Another approach:
Un-assign all channels from the L/R master, and do assign them to Groups 1 & 2.
Hard-pan the Group-1 master to the left, hard pan Group-2 to right, and send Groups 1 & 2 to the L/R master. 
Set the Group1 & 2 masters to nominal 0.
Turn on delay for only Group-2.  Use an XLR-Y cable out of the Left master output to your front speakers, and an XLR-Y out of Right for your delay-fills.

Now your L/R master is your overall level control.
You can fine-tune the front/back levels with the Group 1 & 2 masters.
If you want a little more of channel-2 vocal in the rear speakers relative to the front, simply pan the channel a little to the right.
I use this setup in a venue with a mono center cluster and front corner-fills.(And no delay.)
All 6 Auxes are still available for monitor mixes, subwoofer send, two recording mixes, etc.

Properly set the level on the delay-fills and they will nearly disappear.
You may have someone tell you they aren't turned on.
When you turn off the fronts, they will still definitely hear the delays.

Delay-fills are a compromise.  More sound sources can mean less intelligibility, because of more sound arrival times.
But properly used, they can add intelligibility, without turning up front speakers.
If possible, sometimes a better approach is getting front speakers up high enough to not blast folks at the front of the hall, and tilting the speakers down to reach the back of the hall.

Another delay-fill issue is there may be significant low-mid frequencies coming off the back of the speakers and going toward the stage.
Sometimes you might want to cut some lows out of delay-fills.
I use delay-fills at more than 50% of my gigs.

Thanks and good health,  Weogo
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