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which Ipad?

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Hi Folks,

Some Ipad observations from my use:
Ipad 1 will run 'Classic' Version-2 Mackie DL1608 app pretty well.
2 & 3 will run Version3.x for DL1608 pretty well.
2 & 3 will run DL32R, but definitely not snappy.
Air will run DL32R nicely.  For a fast-paced show on a DL32R, I consider this the minimum requirement.
Air 2 will run DL32R snappy.  Surprisingly faster than even Air.

No experience with Ipad 4, but it makes sense that performance would be somewhere between 2/3 and Air.

Please post your experience, to help others decide what they need.

Thanks and good health,  Weogo

Michael Welter:
I use the iPad Air 2, and have been quite impressed with the performance. I'm on the latest version of MF. I recently picked up a second iPad Air 2, mostly for backup, but also to allow two people to work at the same time. Just for fun, I tried moving a fader on one, and watched it move on the other, in real time. No delay at all. Honestly, it works like a dream.

What delay I see with an ipad 2 and an ipad mini isn't worth talking about.  (Fader response.)  The upcoming predicted split screen on the ipad air 2 would make it a good upgrade.   (Though I can currently live without it.)

Keyboard Magic:
I’ve have both iPad air 2 and iPad 2. MF 2.X ran great on the iPad 2. When I upgraded to MF 3.X there was a “perceived” lag, particularly in the faders and overall response. I bought an iPad Air 2 and MF 3.X runs just as fast as MF 2.X did on my older iPad2.

I think the “lag” issues are all perceptual. If it bugs you, and you’re thinking about buying a new iPad, I would go with the Air 2. If the lag isn’t an issue, then the iPad 2, 3, 4 and Air will be just fine.  ;)

I have the best results with the air 2. I keep a ipad3 attached to the 1608 and the air 2 as a remote.
I do think the air2 soaks up battery life much faster than the other ipads.
I really have not noticed any significant lag since the last upgrade.


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