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which Ipad?

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When I forget the aux. power supply ( which I have done twice), I always can switch iPads so the low pad can  recharge  on the mixer for a set.


I've got an ipad 2 and an ipad mini.  I dock the fully charged 2 so power isn't an issue with it.  But I generally run from the mini and always when running sound for someone else.  5 hours is safely within it's capability. (I should bring a charging block just in case.)  Sounds like the ipad Air 2 is a bit thirstier.  I really don't have any problems running them down to less than 10%.  They are predictable and fairly consistent.   I do like the idea of two ipads that dock, but we already know that the dock isn't the best choice of charger.  Doing a whole day event would take some planning or a handy outlet.  (Ever notice how older theaters don't have many outlets off the stage?)   And of course, I always have my iphone for a fader control backup.

Keyboard Magic:
I like the old banquet halls where the power and mic connections are in the floor with a trap door. Every time I open one itís a surprise. Letís see; charred burned melted power outlets, sometimes pieces of plugs left in them and then the ground isnít working.

When theyíre that dodgy and even when they look okay,  I always check them with a three-prong outlet tester. They arenít always accurate but they give you a rough idea if itís safe to plug in. Then you start looking for another outlet somewhere in the vicinity and canít find one. Ugh!

Oh yes almost forgot, sometimes you can't even get the little trap door open, 'cause the tiny latch is either broken or jammed. Never remember to carry a small sturdy blade screw driver.  :facepalm:

My circuit testers are in a box with several screwdrivers.  (Suitable for adjusting Leslie cabinet volume controls.  Flat blade recessed small size.)


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