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Well, THAT was a first!

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Oh a nice Yagi or Log Periodic aimed at it would probably sink it.  >:D


--- Quote from: RoadRanger on June 24, 2015, 06:33:42 AM ---The "A" level pros use a spectrum analyzer to look for stuff on the frequencies they want to use - and would never rely on wireless as being the only control they had over the mixer. AFAIK the DL32R is the only mixer made that doesn't have a non-wireless control option :( . I'd at least carry a 100' or so cable so worst case you could run the router out to your mixing position within a very few feet of the iPad if things go wonky on you.

--- End quote ---

It wasn't an "A" level show, but I do always carry an analog back-up mixer, which I had at this show. Fortunately, the drone interference only lasted for a short while, and it was something I had to figure out as the cause of my connection problems. I had never heard of this type of device as a cause of wifi jamming before, but I'm pretty sure that is exactly what happened. Especially since my research showed they operate on the same bands. It was quite the learning experience. If I ever see another drone, I'm going to ask the promoter to have it grounded or moved a long ways away!

in my opinion,
and it's just that,,,
anything that is radio controilled and is intended for above surface use, should be illegal and carry a very stiff fine unless it is used in an area specifically designated for that purpose such as a radio controlled flying park.

To me, drones are actually very dangerous in anyone's hands.

To paraphrase a well know expression normally related to guns, "there are no dangerous drones, just dangerous pilots"

Several years ago a mate used to fly 250 m.p.h. 6ft wingspan RC jets. basically a flying bomb full of kerosene and fragile 30,000 r.p.m future shrapnel. He could only fly them on closed aerodromes with a minimum 5 mile runway. To this day I find it unbelievable that he could see it well enough to control it when it was 2 miles away (a distance it covered in 36 seconds).


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