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First Serious Glitches With DL32R and MF

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Im sure your manual authors will find a way to put a humorous spin on the revision.
Possibly skull and crossbones warning if you don't eject and format properly

Well... $%&@!!  So, after the last two recorded shows, I removed the drive from my PC, re-installed the drive to the DL32R and waited for it to scan and mount for last night's show.  I named the new show Euro090415, hit record, and all was fine.  I noticed the counter advancing and the red record light was on.  I stopped recording after each set, played the intermission music, resumed recording for each subsequent set.  After the show, I stopped the recording, it verified that I wanted to stop.  I said yes, and after it was finished cycling, I hit EJECT before powering down the mixer. 

I just brought the hard drive inside, plugged it into the PC and guess what?  NO SHOW FROM LAST NIGHT is in the folder list.  The previous two shows I recorded are there, but not the one from last night,  Right clicked the drive UNchecked "automatically fix" and scanned for errors and here's what I got:

I haven't done anything else at this point.  But I'm more than a little frustrated to be having this problem again after I thought everything was sorted.  Must I reformat the drive every time I use it?  Why would it show that it is recording and everything is fine, yet when I put the drive in the PC, there's no folder with the files???

Well at this point repair is you only choice, what do you have to loose. After that I would send it back to Mackie and tell them you need one that works. El'Limon as far as I'm concerned unless they admit that it's a software problem.

I may have to.  Something isn't right here...  I think it's software based, because I really didn't have any problems before the last firmware update.  Now something is corrupting the drive.  The most frustrating aspect for me is that it appeared to be working and recording just fine.  Until I went to look for the folder after ejecting.  I hope Ben sees this latest wrinkle and can weigh in...  If not, I'm calling tech support on Tuesday.

Jeff, Were you able to play around with it after we spoke yesterday? (i.e. formatting the drive in Windows, ejecting then connecting to DL).  I know Mackie suggests formatting from MF, but FAT32 is FAT32.  I think they suggest that because people don't always eject their drives from the PC and doing so may corrupt files (write cache enabled).  It's tough to check your recordings during a short break also.  I know Ben mentioned to you about after applying firmware to leave the unit alone for a few minutes after getting the "Firmware Complete" status. If this has been an issue since the latest firmware upgrade, then maybe it needs to be reflashed or there is a bug in the latest version in regards to recording (hard to say). Based on the CHKDSK you ran yesterday, something is corrupting the File Allocation Table. I think when I move to the DL32R, I'm going to use SSD's. Has anyone who owns a DL32R tried a memory stick? I just bought a 128G SanDisk for $30 US.  Jeff, I was curious how much of the 1TB drive your using between your break music and recordings.  One other thought is noise. Since the drive gets it's power from the DL, is there an issue there?


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