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First Serious Glitches With DL32R and MF

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JMc I did state that you will get a shorter life out of the SSD drive as advertised due to the Fat file system and the driver.  Whether you will reach that point in this application before the drive is obsolete remains to be seen. If all you use it for is occasional recording of gigs most likely not. So Mackie is admitting to BUGS in their software but no-one is being affected but you, interesting. What vibration/shock and heat issues are you encountering now? I can't see that as a problem if mounted on the DL32 unless it's in an enclosed box which certainly wouldn't be a good idea since the DL has 2 fans and needs ventilation.


--- Quote from: WK154 on September 11, 2015, 10:08:42 PM --- What vibration/shock and heat issues are you encountering now?
--- End quote ---
  I didn't say I was encountering any heat or vibration issues now.  I'm not as far as I can tell.  But the hard drive is strapped to the mixer and the mixer is in a road case and it gets picked up, set down, moved around, put in the van, etc.  I was just making the case that if anything, a SSD would seem even better for live recording use than a HDD with moving parts, that's all.   :)

Much later...  So when I fixed the errors on my Seatgate HDD with chkdsk /f, the missing files from our last show were found and renamed in sequential order of how they were recorded and placed in a hidden folder.  I was able to extract and replace the .chk extensions with .wav extensions and salvage the last show. 

Another gig tonight.  Going to be using the Samsung EVO 1T SSD and see how it performs, but despite Benos assurances, I'm still nervous about the bug.

A couple of my products use FAT file systems that I wrote from scratch and that sure sounds like a bug in the firmware that isn't flushing the cached directory sector(s) out to disk when a file is closed. Thankfully it sounds like the cached FAT(s) are being updated and flushed so that chkdsk can find the data :) . When streaming data like that it's easy to get too "cute" with delaying the cache flushes - and forget to ever do them under certain circumstances :( . Could also be a write cache fault in the drive itself...

Recorded last night's show with the Samsung SSD.  No issues to report.   :thu:  Just hoping the same applies when I plug it back in and use it for the next gig.  That one is going to be worth some money from post show sales, potentially.  BTW, for anyone interested, our three hour show (two 45 minute sets plus one 55 minute set of actual recording time, used about 1.625 gigs of storage per track, or a total of 26 gigs for the 16 tracks that were recorded.  That represents a lot of shows that can be saved on a 1T drive.  Think I'm going to throw this one in my PC and use a smaller SSD instead. 


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