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Odd Connection Issue

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Michael Welter:
WK, thanks for the input. The rehearsal was inside the church, and the gig is outside, on the lawn. There were no wireless devices in use. However, the church has wifi (both 2.4 and 5 GHz), but I don't have the password, so I can't connect to it. The wifi network doesn't reach outside, so, if that was an issue, I should be OK outside. It's just weird that it affected 1 iPad, and not the other.

Next time this occurs reboot the affected iPad. After all it's a computer and not immune to traditional problems and solutions. Actually make this a habit to reboot before a gig.

Michael Welter:
WK, I did that last night. I closed all apps, including MF, then rebooted. It didn't make any difference.

Are you saying that this problem still exists even away from the venue? Then I would say you have another problem. SOP reinstall MF. Remember what JMc just went thru.

Michael Welter:
No no. I haven't had this problem anywhere until last night's rehearsal. Other than that, both iPads have been flawless. So, I'm hoping it works fine at the gig next Saturday night.


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