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Anyone using LD Maui 28 systems or Bose L1

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Kev tyler:
Hi bill

There is video on YouTube where car vin  ;) actually compares two of their own PA systems, one conventional the other a column and the column displays much more even on axis distribution of sound,


In case you missed it I corrected the original post on dB loudness increase. I got involved in line arrays about 15 yrs ago or more with the Bose MA12/MB4 "Pro" line. Not by choice as my wife's school decided to buy into this. It's still a mess today and whenever I had to deal with an important event I brought in my own gear. The install by a well known local company was incorrect and I finally convinced them to try to correct the problem, unfortunately their concept was a bunch of guys with wire and drills as the solution, no measurements of any kind other than "where do you want them, oh we can't put them there". I tried to co-ordinate Bose and LAUSD availability without success or even to get Bose to run their simulation software for the auditorium to no avail. I offered to run it for them but they insisted that only their techs would know how to use it.  ::) Their own chief engineer's White paper on the arrays showed different results from advertising hype. Hence my dislike for Bose and their snake-oil sales. >:D

Lol. I did not see your correction, but glad you did it. That video was great too. I was having a hard time resolving your original 3db increase with what my ears were telling me. Thank you and Kev for all your responses to this thread. Putting it all to use on November first.

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Kev tyler:
Hi guys

It's a funny old thing sound, in the uk we don't have the huge auditoriums that we see in your American schools, well saying that it's been thirty odd years since I was in school, and we were lucky   to have a pair of 12s on stands for our events in the olden days, everything took place in a reverberant gym, nasty whatever rig you use?As for proper line arrays and such, I know they are hated in the industry but from my own experience as a band member, the best outside sound I ever received was from a load of twin tens and wave guide cabs, arrayed in a j and flown from above, aided by twin 18 subs, all active,  supplied by a two man outfit, this is versus a huge stack of horn loaded cabs a generator the size of a house and ten crew , which we often used.

It's all horses for courses now for me, I want to travel light and get in and get out, I know I could have built a better sounding rig with 1200 euros of quality parts, but I feel many people in the audience don't care about the show or the sound and prefer a seat at the back, so...

Cheers bill, good luck Ken.


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