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--- Quote from: dpdan on January 03, 2016, 07:10:33 PM ---
--- Quote from: Kev tyler on January 03, 2016, 10:52:38 AM ---the distribution of iOS apps, even if they are free, only through apples outlet, not via an email or download from the bloke who owns and created the app. Incredible when you think about it.


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just my opinion,,,
if Apple allowed anyone to make an app and post it for sale or free, all the Apple products that use those apps would be full of viruses and contain programs that turn those devices into useless, worthless pieces of crap. MS

So now you can shoot me for my opinion

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Sorry you'll have to live for another day. The point here is that Apple usurps the developers and users right to provide a FREE app to those who want to use it without Apples permission. It has little to do with viruses. The claim that everything else is loaded with viruses is absurd. Corporate World would collapse.

People have been infected from new software installation CDs before.  Virus's can come from some unexpected sources.  Apple's approach makes it much less likely, but that alone isn't the only reason to take this approach.  And guys, nobody forced you to purchase a Mackie DL mixer.  You surely were already aware of the requirement to have at least one ipad and that there has never been an android version of the software.  So, I'd say, could you either sell your DL, accept your fate or at least quit whining?  It's getting to me and probably others too.

Keyboard Magic:
Sure has deviated just a wee bit from my OP. It is the nature of this forum however and does generate some interesting conversations, whether on topic or not. Itís all good!  8)

I however never go off topic.  :P  ;)


--- Quote from: Keyboard Magic on January 04, 2016, 03:33:19 PM ---Sure has deviated just a wee bit from my OP. It is the nature of this forum however and does generate some interesting conversations, whether on topic or not. Itís all good!  8)

I however never go off topic.  :P  ;)

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Here here!

I just pulled out my DL1608 for two shows, NYE and a little festival on Saturday. First was low-paying (only wanted to pay me for my time, but site-review convinced me to haul out a system) second was volunteer (benefit for music in the schools, honoring two dear friends who left us), so neither warranted dragging out a Soundcraft console.

Both shows went wonderfully, I REALLY like the RTA in the update, that helped spot the random ringing that came up in the mini-festival (really an open-mic for 6 hours, each act got two or three songs)!

The on-mixer recording from NYE sounds way better than I expected... still had to normalize it first to be useful, and had a couple of those random clicks (I zoomed in on them in Logic, just a single square wave peak - not hard to remove) - but sounds great, looking forward to cutting it up & sending it to the band!

My only complaint is the software is sluggish on my gen-3 iPad, I left that connected for recording and used the newer Mini and my iPhone for mixing. I'm sure it's smooth-sailing on an iPad Pro, might have to get the company to buy me one for that purpose  ;)

In short: I'm still happy with this little console for the little grab & go shows whenever they come up, and I keep one in the van at bigger shows as our backup if there's ever an issue with the Si consoles!

Kev tyler:

--- Quote from: WK154 on January 03, 2016, 04:42:53 PM ---Well Kev that's an easy solution, don't own any Apple products. What you can't survive without them, think again, Millions of people have.

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Hi William,

I am afraid that during a live gig, while I am on stage singing and playing the guitar and mixing , I will always have to chose a pesky pad over a normal Windows laptop, it's a no brainer,

However that could all change when all the apps look and behave the same and I purchase a shiny touch screen Windows hybrid.

As for dans comments, I have to disagree with him, or at least suggest a compromise, people wanting torch apps games and other crap should go through Apple to maintain integrity, but  a small number of bonafide companies who have mission critical apps who's use is exclusive to a single product, should be allowed to distribute them openly.




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