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3.2.3 on ios9

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So is the latest update worth doing? I'm still on ios8 and MF 3, haven't updated yet mainly because I didn't like the sound of that delay in opening MF, the latest update seemed to only slightly reduce the delay time? Does everything run better or are people experiencing any issues? im running an iPad4 btw.

I haven't made the leap either on the basis that I am running iPad2s and its all working well at the moment, there is no additional functionality and the fixes are primarily aimed at iOS9.... thus no compelling reason to make the leap.

I am going to do the upgrade today.
Wrapped up all the shows I have to do for the next two weeks, so I have plenty of
time to see if there is any noticeable impact.

My biggest concern is that I often use my iPad on someone else's DL series system. On the
last upgrade they never upgraded the firmware, but I still had no problems in connecting and
running the show remotely.

I'm a bit similar inclined, everything works at the moment. Aside from the DL, am I missing out big time on my iPad by not being on ios9? Haven't really noticed much difference since I updated my iPhone....

FWIW, I have an iPad 3 running iOS9 and MF 3.2.3 ... Everything is working just fine for me. However as with all technology related things - your mileage may vary ...  ;)


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