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3.2.3 on ios9

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Michael Welter:
I'm using 3.2.3 on iOS 9 on my iPad Air 2, and the load time for MF is about 7 or 8 seconds. I have no problem with that. As for iOS 9, the new features are, for the most part, useless to me.

Hmm, think I'll wait until an update comes out reducing the startup delay to 0!

Updated iPad 2 to IOS 9.1 and MF 3.2.3

The IOS update took forever (2 hours)
MF 3.2.3 took a few seconds
All seems to be working OK

Fingers crossed it stays like that for next weeks gig


No delay in opening MF app?

There's no delay in opening the app, just seems to take about 5-10 seconds before
you actually can start controlling it.
Not that big of a solitaire game apps takes that long to boot up🔊


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