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Question for Ipad Pro users

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I know there are at least one or two of you using the Ipad Pro.

Does its extra processing power make any difference to the performance of MF?

I would assume the wireless connection would be the main limitation?


I have use the IPad Pro 128 about 4 times using the DL32R the main area it shines out is you see more channels and everything is bigger and lot easier to use on stage mixing the band. It runs as smooth no lag no issues faders move smooth and fast...I also use the iPad  air 2  the Pro is about the same as usage.
The main points the Pro being bigger makes it easy to use and see more channels on view  ..think maybe 12 at once  hope this is ok

I, too, do not see much of a performance difference coming from an iPad Air 2 to iPad Pro.

Another plus is battery life - charging during the breaks, I stay over 80% battery in a 9-1 gig.

Thanks guys.

One of the neat things about the Ipad Pro is its powerful processor (well compared to other tablets anyway).

I didn't think it would make much difference for MF (other than as you say the extra screen size).

I can't decided between the Ipad Pro and a new Macbook.


You can do more on a MacBook, but you can't mix a DL mixer on one. 


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