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Thinking about DL32R for church praise team

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"However ...

If you have "live" situations, such as a praise band or orchestra, then these systems are not what you want, at least not for the entire system. But, I'll also agree with WK (with whom I often disagree :) ) that a digital mixer such as a Mackie DL or a Behringer X32/Midas M32 would not be a good choice if your operators are untrained. I've found that it's easier for inexperienced operators to wrap their heads around analog boards -- even complex boards like the big Allen & Heath, Yamaha, and others."

My turn to disagree  :) . I would not throw hundreds of knobs at the uninitiated (analog). My experience especially in schools and other places is that it's always a challenge for someone to keep their fingers off the knobs. They may be able to get a sound eventually out of the unit but what a sound? I have used the XAP800 in live performances and with great success. The pre's for example are quite good, no 20 cent op-amps,  a lot more linear and faster with $6 op amps and better matched low noise JFets. Try 15 eq's, compressors and delays in addition to the traditional 3. Crossovers etc. Full matrix routing, test signal generator and the list goes on. Setup requires experience, operating very little.

The reason I said better sound is to give some reference point about what I need to those who suggesting polycom or biamp... :mrgreen:
I would have to explain church council why I installed mixer made by a company who builds speech-device like phone and video conf... 

I found compress was very important for live vocal...specially for female singers whose voice becomes so sharp and loud all of sudden at high tone...
And many times, a guest speaker comes too close to condenser mic with loud voice...

You also forgot the thousands of churches. It clearly depends on your level of experience and confidence since it will ultimately rest on your shoulders. Try not to make too many assumptions in your search.  ;)


--- Quote from: WK154 on February 03, 2016, 04:16:01 AM ---What's with the 300 ft. of cable?

--- End quote ---

Straight run of  about 15 cables, each shield/twisted pair of AWG 22(don't remember it was solid or stranded wire),
both end terminated by XLR female and male.
XLR male ports plugged directly to mixer XLR ports.
XLR females are mounted on patch bay where 8 mic's, keyboard(s), and guitar(s) are connected via XLR, or XLR/DI/ 1/4".
All of lines carry 48V phantom power while there is only one condenser mic.  (VLZ pro has no individual phantom control)

And we are using wireless stage monitor that singers are "hating" because it has only one channel... :mrgreen:
(This single-channel monitor decision is made by Church council...)



--- Quote from: WK154 on February 03, 2016, 05:08:59 AM ---You also forgot the thousands of churches.

--- End quote ---

I am wondering what mixer they are using for their praise team...


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