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Question about Loading A Saved Show

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--- Quote from: stevegarris on February 16, 2016, 10:01:26 PM ---Nice overview Dan! I would like to add one more thing for DL1608 users:

You can use the iPad's camera function to take a picture of the trim knobs. You can then create a photo album that is named after the band & venue, then place that picture in the album for a quick reference to where the inputs should be set. Once you've place the picture in the album, don't delete the picture from the camera roll, or it will be gone forever.

--- End quote ---

I'm more old-school than that. I take a snap of the trim knobs with my iPhone, and print the pictures out on 4x6 index cards. I write the band name and other notes on the card, and keep them in the case with the 1608.

gerenm63,,, nothing at all wrong with old school,,, whatever works  :)

I used to take a pic of the trims on the DL1608 like Steve Garris does,
I used an app called "you doodle" from the app store ,,, it is $2.99 and worth every penny  :)

Here's one I just made


Dpdan shared...  "You do have a "MUTE ALL" master don't you? I also have a mute named "BREAK". The BREAK mutes everything except break music and the lead vocalist's mic."

Dan (or anyone that cares to respond), yes I have a MUTE ALL set up. In setting up BREAK, what input would I select, in addition to the lead vocalist's mic, to include break music. As it stands now, I intend to play break music through a hard drive using Channel A.

when you say "from a hard drive using channel A"
I am a little confused... maybe you mean from the built in player in Master Fader...  ??? Or do you mean you have music on a USB jump drive?
I normally use break music from "Airplay" which is a feature of the Apple Airport Express router.
This router has a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack that is connected to a couple of inputs on my DL32R.
Conveniently, the iPad's "Airplay" feature is set to stream it's iTunes music "wirelessly" to the Apple Express,
so when the band goes on break it is a simple tap of the "BREAK MUTE"
Music plays, and the lead vocal's mic is left on in case announcements need to be made and I am getting a Pepsi from the open bar and not being attentive.

Is that more confusing  ... :)


Dan, yes I meant from the built player in Master Fader. That seems like a cumbersome solution, however, and your approach makes great sense.

My band is using an Airport Express with the DL32. Being an Apple family, we use Airplay in our home.

I assume the 3.5 ..stereo headphone jack you mentioned splits into two XLR male connections (a stereo left and stereo right) - is that right?

Thank you again for your patience as I work through this initial learning curve.


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