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Question about Loading A Saved Show

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Hi Folks,

Dan's Y-cable suggestion is good and cheap.
It is not transformer isolated, but often this isn't needed.

Sam's Orchid suggestion is good.  John indeed makes good kit; I use several of the Mic-Mute boxes.  A muting DI box is also available.
Probably most any pair of transformer-based direct boxes will work fine, or a single unit that combines stereo to mono.
The Whirlwind IMCOML coimbiner is nice if you are going in to an XLR mic level input, as it doesn't cut the signal level as much as many other combiners.

RoadRanger, since that converter can do stereo or mono, it makes me wonder if it has resistors for the combining?
Probably a unit to be used only with short cables.

The Radial Stagebug 5 is a good unit that is simple to use.
Can do two track balanced out on TRS, or mono balanced on XLR.

Thanks and good health,  Weogo


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