Author Topic: Drivers for Onyx 802I  (Read 1583 times)


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Drivers for Onyx 802I
« on: March 29, 2016, 04:37:54 PM »
I have been using an Onyx 802I and have been pleased with it. It was time for a cpu and mobo upgrade and didn't want to deal with all the potential conflicts of migrating to a different chipset so I reformatted the hard drive. After a weekend of updates and downloads all I had left was the 802i. Bought a Firewire 400 pcie card installed it and drivers then headed to the Mackie site for drivers. They list 2 drivers for Win7, sn starts with 204 and 003. Mine starts with 200. Tried both, both failed. Searched like crazy but no love.

Can anyone provide so insight into my predicament? I have contact Mackie but from what I have read it don't expect much help from them.

Thanks for reading.