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Third Ipad will not dock-connect with 1608

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I have two ipads with identical MF 3.2 program and settings.  I just bought another ipad and it will not connect with the 1608 (wired).  Tried cycling power with ipad in and out.  The other two are seen and show as wired 'connected' moments after inserting to the dock.  Any ideas?
Thanks,  John.

Does it charge while docked?  You can always run it wireless while docked in that situation. (Unless you don't have your own WiFi)

Yes it charges while docked and the ipad goes 'ding' when it is first inserted.  The gear icon goes from black to red.  On the other two ipads, it goes to green when the ipad is inserted.  Help.

What do you see when you open the devices dialog?   Could it be an IP issue?

When the ipad is running MF3 with the devices page open, and you dock it, the ipad shows up in the 'wired' connection slot, but status remains at 'not connected'



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