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XR18 Spytopsy
« on: August 06, 2016, 04:20:52 PM »
For the technically inclined my take on the XR18. The Xr12 may follow someday.

XR18 Spytopsy

Aren't fiber optics just wonderful, and a PIA to probe with but after getting the hang of it here are the results without Warranty issues. Yes an autopsy without dissection. I'm also still going to hang a fan on it to keep it cooler and live longer.
So here goes my explanation of what makes the XR18 tick.
The main processor is a Freescale ARM much better than the PIC that was ass-u-me-d.

Freescale MCIMX 253d - jm4a 32bit ARM

To contain all that code we have a 128 mbit flash ram. There are actually two one for another processor.
Flash ram

For the Klark Technic SuperMAC (Ultranet) implementation.
FPGA Ultranet

For all that number crunching our old friend from the DL1608 no less.

For all that I/O processing and other duties yet to be defined.
XMOS I/O Processor 16 cores no less and 1000Mips processing power.

For the mundane wired 10/100 network we have the usual suspects.
Network chip 10/100

For that much debated WiFi chore we have the Microchip product.
WiFI module MRF24WG0MB

Not to forget what it's ultimately all about, for audio a newer chip-set.
AD/DA Cirrius Logic

Then the usual 4580 op amps etc.

As we have all found out by now you can read all the spec sheets till the cows come home, it doesn't mean all the features possible are implemented by Behringer or that other outfit Ma.....
In conclusion for now there is some of X32 in this new toy. Somebody must also have done some heavy price negotiation to keep the cost low.

It seems that mfg. are hell bend on changing links so all but Vogel's is dead. Use the part # to Google the info.

Happy reading

For those inclined to look at pics here is a adventurous souls Pics.

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