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Master/My Fader V5 Wants and Speculation

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V4.5 Released! :)

Stll waiting on a second reverb on the DL1608 :P and/or Aux Sends switchable PER CHANNEL between Pre or Post fader. I have to run my one lonely 'verb pre-fader now to accommodate inputs that need reverb but little or none of the dry signal in the mains like horns, snare or overhead.

Oh, and a rackmount DL2412 or at least a rackmount DL1608 - they can do that with just a software upgrade, right?  :mrgreen:

See also:

UserVoice Top 10:

Remember to vote there as that's what Mackie is using as the official "wishlist".

multiband compressor
Can you tell?

De-esser and Sidechain
Great choice for the console fall once the grace of technical

Window noise generator.

pink noise
White noise

With selectable addresses of all outputs

Thank you.


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