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Anyone buy a 1608 power supply lately?

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During a recent gig, my power supply died. Luckily I carry a backup, but I noticed that its cable is starting to pull out of the supply exposing the wires just a bit. Hoping someone has bought an ebay/amazon type recently and can share the link. Thanks!

Sorry to hear that, I bought a spare 4 yrs ago when I bought the mixer. Have never needed it or even used it.
Smart move having the spare, everyone should carry one in the case.

This is actually the second power supply that has gone out. Anyone with a recent link?  I couldn't find any type of receipt for my last purchase and I can't remember the barrel size. 

As an aside, I still love this mixer, and use it 50 to 80 times a year. I've worked on the Behringer as well  qSC's touch mix, but Mackies master Fater app has them all beat in terms of layout and ease of use for me as a duo or four piece group where I do all the mixing while playing. I do like the new updated QSC touch mix feedback elimination as well as a set up utility for ringing out your monitors automatically which would come in handy with some of the short set up times that we all have. I just am not looking for a large form factor board like that, if it was available in a rack  unit without faders I might just make the jump,

I have this for my spare, but also have never had to use it.

hope that helps


I initially investigated adapting a standard DC power supply with a suitable adapter, but ended up going with this, despite the cost of freighting to New Zealand.....

Never had to use it, but obviously feel happy to have a spare handy if ever required......


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