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DL1608 Aux out to PC sound card

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Yes you are correct about the aux outputs handling unbalanced lines but please read the note on pg. 22 regarding this use. My point was to alert you to potential other issues that can arise from this type of hookup. A cable to handle this is sold here (TS to TS).
Although a TRS to TRS should work as shown in the above posts.
It all depends on your environment and the length of the cable you have to run. Three feet or less is usually recommended. I've run 50ft without serious noise problems but with a different DL1608 power-supply.
So much for manuals and specs, reality has a different view of things. I suggest you search for aux issues on this forum and acquaint yourself with some of the problems encountered by others. The search is tricky since it only searches the current forum topic you are on, so go to the home page and perform the search. This has caught me numerous times concluding nothing is here on the subject..  :(
I believe your question regarding data retention is also covered here.

P.S. If the line input is stereo then the TS to TS cable would be the one to use since the TRS would give you noise on one channel. You still need to setup the PC input to mono and record to stereo (dual mono).
Aux output levels also need to be low since consumer level nom is 0.316V and pro level (DL) is 1.22V nom a 3.88x higher level. Most of the devices listed will handle that conversion. So don't overdrive your PC card.

WK154, thank you for the extra information.

I will reply back after testing to relay my results.

So I said I would post back with my results, just in case any other newbies have the same question in the future.

What I ended up doing is buying 2 of these:

One of them I used for the problem outlined earlier in this thread.  I linked 2 Aux outs on the 1608 together and the 1/4 plugs go into those, then the 1/8 end goes into the line in on the PC sound card.  In my case I had to keep the faders for the linked Aux outs fairly low to keep it from clipping, which is no big deal as I can process that later to make sure the volume is pretty consistent throughout (this is for speech, by the way, not music).

I am wondering if maybe I should make the linked aux pre-fader instead of post as it is now.  Maybe that would help the volume level be even smoother throughout.  Will see.

Anyway, the other one of those I bought was because I discovered why we were having sound issues on certain videos playing from the PC.  I used this cable on the audio out from the PC into 2 linked inputs on the 1608 and now the sound quality is far, far improved.

So anyway, I wouldn't claim that this type of set up is going to give studio quality recordings, but all I needed it for was insurance in case the recording on the iPad screwed up (which happens) so I wouldn't be completely without a recording at all.  So, hope this may help someone else in the future.

Excellent solution if you can spare two aux's without worrying about input stereo/mono settings. Normally recordings are done pre-fader for more consistent levels as you surmised. Just keep in mind for the future that you don't combine two outputs without special circuitry available in some cables. Glad we could be of help here.


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