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In Case Anyone was Wondering, or Wandering?

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Emailed Mackie the other day with concerns about future support for the DL1608/806/DL32.

Here's the response:

“We are absolutely still making this mixer and have no plans of removing it from our lineup anytime soon. We are also still very much rolling out updates for the DL mixers regularly and constantly trying to improve the software and hardware side of things on these mixers”

Nice to know, if anyone is wondering or wandering too!  Thank you, Loud Technologies Inc.!!  8)

Please point out one fix or improvement in the DL1608/806 software that is recent. I can't find any. The product is EOL. They didn't even make it to 5.0 as in the past. A marketing ploy to make you believe they're still working on it. Just hope they don't screw up the stable code as they bugfix their DL32 and DC16 code. ;D

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Hey, WK:

You may just be right on the money, with the DL806/1608 being EOL. Ugh! I just did an online search, not a big one, but just looking for new DL1068s for sale, all stores state on the websites, 'no longer available" except for Sweetwater. Even my toy store here in Toronto, same thing. Although when speaking to them directly, they can get one in. Must be limited leftover stock.

Would be interesting to pin Mackie down about their previous statement to me.  >:D

EOL indeed! Double ugh!  :facepalm:

Didn't realize that supply was dwindling. If Mackie doesn't replace the DL1608 they will have given up a market segment that they started. Rather short sighted of them. So maybe they'll reduce the price of the DL32 to where the DL1608 was at intro. A stage box form factor of a DL1608 with digital pre's would get them back into the race. That is a small fraction of the whole development cost. Who knows what they're thinking. Timing is everything.

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A DL32 at a DL1608 price, would be a very nice thing indeed! But will it happen? Probably not. Who knows?

After some more searching zZounds has them, LA Music here, sold out. Is Mackie telling me tales? Maybe they have some never sold, in their warehouse in Woodinville?? I suspect that Long & McQuade here, may have some never sold ones too, collecting dust in their main warehouse.

I do have to admit, that support recommended a repair shop here in Toronto that does repair Mackie stuff including the DL series. Is it worth to take it in for repairs? I can open it up myself, but as far as board level diags, that's a bit out of my league. I can however look for loose connectors and even swollen caps etc. Ugh!


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