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2nd Hand DL1608 - not selling

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Wonder if you can provide a friend with pointers to look out for when buying a 2nd hand DL1608. I've got a DL32 and am not familiar with the 1608.

Thanks in advance.

the DL1608 is a nice unit but it has a few major weaknesses,
Even though it uses the same Master Fader app, it is not able to recall the gain settings. Those settings are physical analog knobs on the unit.
It also demands that you have adaptor cables or adaptors for the 6 TRS 1/4" mix outputs. If you use the monitor outputs with unbalanced cables, the outputs have some noise and that aint too classy, however, using balanced TRS cables to XLR quiets them down nicely.
I would stay away from the 806/1608 units, even a new one would be nothing like having another DL32R, I would take a used 32R any day.


Not much to check out really. Some people have lost auxes apparently due to ribbon cable problems. My 1608 is one of the first made and after a busy life the only hardware problem I've had so far is a lost tip connection on the jack part of one of the combo ins.
As far as I can see no major issues given the price point. The fact the auxes are on jacks is pretty normal on budget desks and is really no big deal. Just always connect them balanced or you'll get horrible digital background noise. Programmable gains would be nice but the pre-amps are remarkably quiet whilst also being forgiving of overloads which compensates. Sometimes it's useful to be able use it docked like a conventional mixer and not need WiFi.
It does cost massively less than a DL32 so comparisons are unfair but it does sound as good to me.
Hope that helps.

Agree with everything pytchley said. Perhaps he's asking for too much? I've seen them locally for as little as $250, which is a bargain IMO.

Hi SGravy,

I would suggest your friend put a condenser mic in each input and make sure it sounds good. 
Rotate the analog gain controls and listen(on headphones) for any scratchy sounds.

Hook a monitor speaker to all eight outputs and make sure they work.  Test the headphone output.

Connect to a router and make sure wireless control is working.

Wiggle the power supply connector.

Inspect visually  -  has it been used lightly in a studio, or beat in bars?

I'm a big fan of the little DL1608.
Mine just finished a week of gigs in a local venue, including two musical interviews for broadcast on NPR's Thistle and Shamrock.
It sits in an old Snare Drum case with a custom 12' x eight-channel snake, with one channel reversed to be a monitor send.
Easy set, easy strike.
(DL32Rs installed in the two big venues.)

Thanks and good health,  Weogo


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