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Mains thru monitors?


DL1608 Question: I'm performing as a solo act playing and singing along to backing tracks. I'd like to monitor the foh mix through my monitor, but also want independent eq control so I can ring out the monitor. I was thinking of taking the signal from the headphone jack and routing it back to a channel, leaving the mains fader down and using an aux out to my monitor, I would then be able to use the aux eq to ring out the monitor, correct? I guess I would have to set the aux to pre fader? Is there an easier way to do this? Thanks

If you set the aux to post fader the aux follows the main
U have to set the aux levels all to 0db

I do this a lot with my IEM setup.  Buy a Y cable with xlr inputs that match the output and channel in.  So take one of the outs and y cable it.  One side of the y cable goes to a channel.  Maybe no. 15.  The other goes to your speakers as usual.

Then mute the channel (no.15 for example) and us any aux out you wat to feed a monitor speaker.  In that aux out you feed the channel you are using into it.  Select it pre fader or post to your liking.


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