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Master Fader 4.6.2 released

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Got at show this weekend so I won't be installing it until it's done.  But I'm glad that Mackie is continuing to update Master Fader.  The mixer is 4 years old now and while I've loved the subsequent updates of the software, I'm pretty sure it must be close to finished as far as they will be going.  There are things that could be incorporated into the software that would increase its utility for many more years.  I've been doing theater shows and the ability to have more than 4 mic mutes would be a huge boost to functionality for me.  I'd need about 20 or more.  Maybe one for each scene?  This show has 40 scene in two acts.  Guessing that is too job specific to be adding.  Anyway, if anyone else has installed the new release, please report back in and let me know how it is going.

Looked on Mackie site and no details of the release.

Apple app store:

Master Fader version 4.6.2 is a minor bug fix update for Master Fader users. If upgrading from a previous version of Master Fader a firmware update may be required. Please backup your Shows and Presets in Master Fader before installing. Do not perform an update immediately before an important show; give yourself time to learn and explore the new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Master Fader Bug Fixes
Improved support for iPad Pro 10.5‑inch
Added support for new iPhones

have installed and used twice no problems just as before and didn't need a firmware update

AFAIK 4.51 was the last meaningful update to the DL1608/806 product. It's par for Mackie that ever barely makes it to 5.0. If one of the new Sharks considers it FINANCIALLY worth while you may see another update otherwise move on.


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