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Dl32r Aux Out into Mic Mechanic



I think I am pretty literate when it comes to mixers, signal levels etc. but I am pulling what is left of my hair out.  I want to take an aux out from my DL32r and run that into the mic input into either a TC-Helicon Mic Mechanic or TC-Helicon Voicelive Play.  Both devices have a mic level in.  Then take the output from either of these and send them to a channel on the DL32r.  Well All I get is air. 

Am I wrong in assuming the aux out signal will drive the mic in on these devices?

I feel like a idiot not being able to figure this out.  Can anybody educate me here?

Thank you and happy NH 2018


Looks like both are in range for input and output on levels but Mic Mechanic's phantom power is always on and Voicelive's can be controlled in setup (on/off). I don't know if the DL32's aux outs take kindly to phantom power and that could be your problem.

Thank you for the reply. 

Oddly enough it seems to be with the aux out channel.  I tried 11 and 12 and they each showed a strong signal out but it didn't seem to come out of the board.  I tried a send I knew worked for a wedge I run onstage and lo and behold it worked liked a charm.

So next step is to see if I have something messed up in the out bound routing of aux 11 and 12.

Hope this helps others.

11 and 12 are default set to matrix 1 and 2. I found that out the hard way as well. 1st gig I was trying to run aux subs on aux12.  I ended up using aux4 because I got no audio out of 12. Did a little research and figured it out before the next gig. Oddly enough Iíve been using aux4 for subs ever since. Lazy I guess.

Check the routing for 11 & 12 - like others found out the hard way and after lots of head scratching that the default for these is matrix!


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