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No output at the headphone jack from DC 16

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Hello everyone.

I recently purchased a DC16 (+Dante card) to accompany my DL32.

I have been able to update everything and the console seems to be connecting to the DL32. I have a few shows prerecorded and been using that to verify all other features of the DC16. Everything else seems to be functioning as normal. However, I am not getting any audio from the headphone jack on the DC16. That also includes any solo selections.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Is there something Iím missing?


Al T

Hi Art,
the obvious,  volume control turned up in the upper right corner of the DC16? Sorry...  ;)
I too have a DC16 and love it,,,
When you have some time... have a look at these two playlists I made for Mackie DL32R users.

This playlist covers a ton of stuff about the Mackie DL32R and Master Fader.
This playlist is for the DC16 but also includes great info about gates and compression in PART 4.

here is a short set of instructions...
go to the routing screen in Master Fader and choose the "Dante" tab and make sure that the Monitor L is routed to Dante 31, and Monitor R is routed to Dante 32. 

In case a number of things seem to be not working, you could do what I do and reset the Dante Routing to it's factory default settings, and here's how....

hold down ALT and hit the DYN button,
the second display shows: Connected to DL32R FOH Change?... push the button below this second display,
the fourth display shows: DL32R Select... push the button below this fourth display,
the fifth window shows: MON empty... push the button below this fifth display and wait a few seconds,

Now the console is setup for a monitor position which we don't want, so we will change it back to FOH and then we will be given the option to use the "default routing".

hold down ALT and hit the DYN button,
the second display now shows: Connected to DL32R MON Change?... push the button below this second dislpay,
the fourth display shows: DL32R Select... push the button below this fourth display,
the fourth display shows: FOH empty... push the button below this fourth display,
the second display shows: Auto Route Dante and DL32R Routing? don't push this button... instead, 
push the button below the third display "YES" then wait a few seconds for the routing to return to the default settings.

If you are like me, I use this console in a number of different ways and sometimes I change some of the settings in the routing page of Master Fader.
It is sometimes easier to just reset the Dante Routing default settings.



Thanks DPDan.

Obvious? Check! And Check again!

I will do that reset again.. Maybe it is somewhere in the auto route that messed up.  I had to do an upgrade and maybe i should have done a reset after the update. Iíll get back to you if all else fails.

I have been looking at a DC16 for a while. I even got a chance to see it at 2016 Winter NAMM when it was released and loved the GUI then. But just couldnít swallow the price tag.. Patience did pay off and I found a demo unit in great shape and now just have to get a case for it.

I have looked over a few of your vids. Great stuff. Thanks for doing that. It is very helpful.

Al T

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that's great Art,
it is so cool to have a system that does not require the use of the console.
And then to have a console that is so beautiful to use.

never hesitate to call

Yes. Back in 2003-2005 era I purchased a Roland Vmixer VMC7200 and its 20 channel processor VM7200 and toured with it for several years. It was at the time, the smallest 24 channel digital mixer available. The processor was able to be severed from the console and keep all features running in the background until you were able to get the console fired back up. I was able to fly the rig as extra baggage at the time. Very similar to the Allen & Heath iLive systems but smaller. Love the redundancy of that setup.

Al T

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