Author Topic: Storing Aux mix levels to rebuild a corrupt scene - DL32R presets  (Read 346 times)


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Love my DL32R.  I use it in a portable church setting in NYC where I use nearly all the inputs every week.  It lives in a rack and rolls about 25 feet four times a week.  I lost the XLR1 out a couple of weeks ago, but the oscillator still sends audio out of it, so it seems like the scene is corrupted (rather than the ribbon connector fix).  To rebuild the "show" into a Default setting means I have to set up 32 inputs into the 6 auxes that I use.

I talked to Ty from Mackie today about the aux problem, and he told me to rebuild the show from the Default setting, which makes some sense.  Now, I know when you store and recall an INPUT preset, it does not recall levels in the auxes.  But, he told me that saving a preset for the aux OUTPUT would indeed save the "mix" for that aux, restoring ALL the 32 inputs' levels for that Aux.  I told him he was my new best friend!  However, I just tried to do it, and it did NOT store the levels, only the output EQ and dynamic settings.

So, I am trying to rebuild a show from scratch that has lots of different monitor levels for the inputs.  How do I do it?  What am I missing?

Rod Carbaugh