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Foot pedal for FX - finally
« on: January 26, 2018, 11:49:05 PM »
I have been mixing from the stage with my DL1608 and muting the reverb and delay via my iPad between songs. As a bass player, this has always been a bit of a distraction and certainly not something that can be done instantaneously while I'm playing. Last week a thought came to me (after only 5 years of using this thing) that has changed all that. I now turn down the reverb and delay on the main LR screen, turn up the three vocals we use and the reverb and delay in AUX 6. I then run a 1/4" guitar cable from AUX 6 to a Morley mini volume pedal that I've owned for years and, then back into the mixer via channel 16. I have the channel 16 (now my FX return) volume set to the amount of FX that I ever use while the Morley pedal full on and simply back off the pedal to kill the FX between songs. It works great and I can actually tweak the FX level during the song if I need to. You will still need to adjust the individual FX values in the menu of each channel that you wish to add FX to but make sure the reverb and delay channels are down in the main screen and ON in the AUX 6 screen.
I tried using an A/B/Y pedal instead of the volume pedal but an audible pop could be heard when I used it to mute the FX. The volume pedal makes no noise and allows adjustment on the fly.
I hope this helps some of you that run sound from the stage like me.