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Is the DL1608 Dead?

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Well based on V5.0 and perhaps V5.1 requirements the 30 pin is certainly dead. So you spend an inordinate amount of upgrade money (connector,  tray  insert and new tablet) or stay at iOS 9.x.x and MF V4.x.x. The DL1608 software is still a fork of the new V5.0. V5.1 will be the defining release.

While it sucks, time must march on. You do still have a mixer that works, and it's doubtful that the 4FX will get to the DL1608; I wasn't clear from reading what new features we get for our DL1608. Until we see what iOS10 iPads gain from 5.1, I wouldn't lose sleep as you may not be missing any new features. But yeah, it's always a pain when you see apps point out that your tablet/macbookpro/phone won't run the new version.

AFAIK the X-Air apps will continue to support iOS 9 and KitKat (AKA my three iPads and my two 9" Android tablets)

I'll probably cut my DL1608 down (eliminate the tray) and use it with my newest Android 11" tablet that runs Nougat. Dunno what I'd use for backup though :-\ . It's unclear if you'll be able to us a Windows laptop wirelessly but I guess that'll work :) .

For now it's just a bunch of carrots. No release dates and no details. Sales must be in a slump otherwise they would be cutting into their own sales on DL32's and DL1608's. A sign of desperation to pre-announce.

Well the dl16s is a good replacement of the dl1608, considering the remote gains, the dl32s that wonders me to


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