Author Topic: Mackie DL32R + Yamaha HS8 + Pro Tools loudness  (Read 64 times)


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Mackie DL32R + Yamaha HS8 + Pro Tools loudness
« on: November 29, 2019, 12:01:54 AM »
I didn't see any recent posts I could hijack :) so I will start my own. I am at my wits end, folks. Scoured the interwebs but when searching for anything "Mackie DL32R" I only get pages of ads and links to DL32R specs, and no support / helpful communities... so forgive me if this is out of bounds.

My story starts with buying the Mackie DL32R in 2015, hooking it up to my (then) windows USB 2.0 port, configuring all the I/O accordingly and getting Pro Tools Out 1/2 to send sound to Mackie's USB 1 & 2 via the AUX 13/14 (still with me?) that then go to my main amp. Back in 2015, I would have a Master channel in Pro Tools set to 0.0 dB as you would expect, and the sound going into my (then) reference amplifier was nominal - a decent listening volume.

Since then, in 2016 I picked up 2 Yamaha HS8 powered speakers (they sound amazing, btw) and replaced the reference amp with these 2 speakers. Now the Mackie 13/14 come out to the 2 speakers, and on the back of the Yamaha's the volume knob is set at center - where it "clicks" into a position. When this new setup was put into place, things sounded great. Again, Pro Tools Master channel was still 0.0 dB.

Leap forward to 2017 or so, literally "one day" I turned all my gear on (Mackie->Pro Tools->HS8->anySynth) and hit play - and almost was blasted off my chair against the far wall. The volume was SO LOUD I thought I blew up the HS8s. Granted, nothing changed far as I knew except MAYBE a Mackie Master Fader update/firmware to the DL32R, and certainly a newer version of Pro Tools at some point. But this was, as I said, 1 day to the next. The only thing that could have updated in that time would be Master Fader app on my iPad.

Since this change, I have had to either turn the HS8 volume knob so far down it's almost OFF (one more millimeter and the volume is off, not exaggerating). Or, I have to set Pro Tools Master channel to -32 dB to not blast my ears out. If it matters, the tracks I am playing back in Pro Tools generally hover betwen -10 db and -3 dB when doing a final mix/mastering.

The nasty side affect of this is when I "forget" the master channel is at -32 dB and bouce to file to send out somewhere, the person receiving it cannot hear anything :) so it's become a part of my workflow to set that back to 0.0 dB, bounce, and (hopefully) remember to set the fader back to -32... as you can imagine, this is a big, giant pain in the arse.

In an attempt to rule out a few things:
- I plugged my Kronos L/R out directly into the HS8 TRS and set the speakers to 50% volume again; sounds fine, great volume to listen at.
- I removed the Mackie DL32R from the chain and used my old Digidesign 003 interface, and output from Pro Tools via direct out to speakers -or- Monitor channel (with the pot) and again, volumes are fine.
- I've recorded tracks at -18 dB or less, and while they do not blast my ears out during the mixing process, when it comes time to bring it up to the sweet spot, I'm again overwhelmed with sound.
- I've even rolled Pro Tools back to 11.xx to see if it was their HD Audio changes but it's all in the Mackie, pretty positive.

The very last thing I just did before writing this post, was turn on the Mackie, the HS8s, and load a Show with all channels set to 0.0 dB across the board. In the Master Fader app, the ONLY routes on the Output matrix is AUX 13 -> USB1, AUX 14 -> USB 2 (per usual)

Even sitting idle without any playback, the HS8s are screaming a hiss loud enough to hear across the room. Putting my ear up to it, it's very loud, clearly overdriven by something... so I started tapping MUTE on all the 32 channels in the Master Fader app. One by one, muting the channels lowered the hiss. I was shocked. No channels have any added gain, no compressor or EQ or FX (it doesn't play back through Pro Tools anyway) so imagine my surprise.

Furthermore, with every single thing muted (even all the Matrix channels in EACH matrix) I still hear the super-loud audio coming from Pro Tools on USB 1 & 2. This is where I gave up trying to understand what's going on and came here to you, hopefully someone can tell me "oh, you forgot to _____" :)

Lastly, there is one more piece of evidence that may exhonorate the DL32R; and that is if I output another Master channel from Pro Tools to AUX 9/10, USB 3/4 and feed that into my Crown XLS2000 amp to PA speakers - volume is acceptably loud - but the Crown amp volume knobs are set to 40% usually. No sense breaking my windows. It seems to ONLY be output to the HS8's that have become a problem, as I said, "all of a sudden, one day". And it' been years, so I apologize for not having a memory of upgrading firmware; though I want to say I started in Master Fader 3 in 2014, and this is MF 4.6.2.

Anyhow, if you painfully read all that, thank you. If you have any advice, thank you even more. Otherwise, it's 1% HS8 volume for me :(


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Re: Mackie DL32R + Yamaha HS8 + Pro Tools loudness
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2019, 11:42:55 PM »
Welcome Jc to the forum. To simplify this let's start with a baseline. I don't own a DL32R and probably never will but basic troubleshooting in most probability is all you need here. So let's start with removing all safes and then load snapshot 0. This should end you with pre's as input and eliminate any routing issues. Remove USB cable to computer at mixer end.  Check for noise with this. Switch input to B (USB) route USB1 & 2 to Aux 13 &14 and check for noise. I am assuming that you don't have a dBu/voltmeter or scope here. Plug in USB cable and check for noise.  Noise here may indicate ground loop or defective cable. If none of these give you noise at you normal settings then problem solved, otherwise it's a internal DL32 problem. A sine wave signal through the mixer would probably narrow down the problem but it would require a scope. Meters may help if indicating clipping level on LR. or your aux 13 & 14 output. Before sending DL32 for repair I would reload the firmware (forced update). Need some input for further help.
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