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Since the info is scattered throughout their Website and Webcasts, I thought it would be useful to have it in one place. Please don't clutter this post with other questions or statements unless they have been "officially announced" on Mackie's and their resellers Websites.
Let's address the timeline for this product. The statement was made that early August both DL16S and DL32S will be on the shelf to purchase. That would imply that V5.0.0 of MF should also be available (iPad and Android). We'll see (can you say Beta?). The V5.1.0 will be available sometime in the fall (PC, Mac, iPad and Android versions). This version completes the Dl1608/DL806 and the DL32R FX/Dante  upgrade. The Axis upgrade is version V5.1.1.0 sometime after?
A comparison chart of all 5 Digital mixers is part of the DL1608 info and it leaves both Dl1608 and DL806 at 2 FX channels and the Dl16S/Dl32S/Dl32R at 4. There will be no matrix buss on any mixers other than the DL32R along with Dante and direct drive recording or playback.
Since the preamps are advertised as Onyx+ one could assume individual Phantom power and hopefully no change from the DL32R (Mackie in the past has kept the name the same and changed the design).
Since Ben Olswang is now the Software Manager, I hope he can deliver all that's promised and on time (17 most wanted features). Matt Herrin is the product manager for the new DL's.
As time goes on please add other info. Once the Spec Sheet is available we will have a better idea what the new Dl's have to offer. What's worth a $100 (DL16S) more than a XR18? :)

Since early August is the "on the shelf" time I consider this as Aug 10th at the latest. That's 2 weeks from now. The count down is on! BenO meet your deadline please.

It appears that most suppliers that don't have "coming soon" as a delivery date are stating Sept. 21 & 23 as the delivery date. So much for BenO ( a leopard can't change it's spots) and promises! He did say Fall as the V5.0 date, that's Sept. 22 onward. Can't realistically sell DL16S/DL32S's without it.  October sounds like a more likely date. The 5.1 will probably be at NAMM 2019 (January) so don't hold your breath. Mackie's release schedule as I read it indicates the beginning of Winter, that's Dec. 21st til March 20 for 5.1. Axis is after that.

June 20 --- Introduction of DL16/32 via webcast.
July 31 -- Owners manual was posted.
Aug. 11---- Nothing on anyone's shelf. Next time Sept. 23.!
Sept. 21. -- I now see October 10,24,25 as the new dates. Why do manufacturers have to lie to us, do they think we are fools?
Sept. 28 ---More resellers have gone to "Back-order, out of stock, New pre-order etc. not a good sign I may have to change my October estimate to Christmas soon . Great Job BenO.
Oct. 2 ---- Bufalo in post below coaxed Oct. 30 out of Mackie but then all the other dates came from them or their resellers. Resellers don't like having to make excuses for suppliers. My Oct. estimate may hold after all.
Oct. 10 --- Bufalo received his DL16S but no software to run it.   :)  Still no Reference manual. Great Job BenO and MattHe
Oct 18 --- We now have the USB driver for Windows, real useful.
Oct 29 --- Updated release schedule stating Oct 30 for v5.0 and "early 2019 for V5.1 and V5.1.1" we'll see. My initial estimates above so far were on the money.
Oct 29 -- V5.0 Release Notes are posted. This is a disaster. 13 missing features (first two not included in count) and 29 major bugs to be dealt with in V5.x. That's excluding bugs yet to be found by users.
Oct 30 -- As advertised both iOS and Android versions are up on their respective download sites. Finally something on time. Thanks BenO I don't have to revise my estimate. I could only evaluate the Android Phone version, very limited.
Nov. 23 --- The Master Fader Reference Manual has arrived.   Hopefully answering some questions.
Jan  8 --V5.0.1 released. Bug fixes
Jan 23 -- Updates on MF release dates July for MF5.1  :(   
March 28 --- MF V5.0.2 is released, so far so good.
May 1--- Master Fader 5.1 Beta program might be here soon.
May 16--- Received Beta program details and download info 

The OM (owners Manual) has made it to the web site. No surprises there. Need to wait for the Master Fader Reference guide for a definitive view of Wi-Fi. So far it's a AP, Client and wired connection. AP mode as described has to have a DHCP server, the rest ?

Mackie replied to a Facebook comment I made saying that the DL16S and 32s will be available in "select dealers" Oct 30th, and that MF5.0 will be available same day.

Well I got notice from Guitar Center and Sweetwater over last weekend that they have stock.   UPS delivered my DL16S yesterday.   So far I have a nicely built metal box with plugs on it that I can't yet use, as Mackie hasn't yet published the software. 


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