Author Topic: So what's happening with Mackie MF5 and DL32R these days?  (Read 216 times)


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Re: So what's happening with Mackie MF5 and DL32R these days?
« Reply #15 on: March 17, 2019, 07:32:33 AM »
I have an answer for you guys that don't want to have to mute the mains and break music when you want to use IEM's to go over some music without it being heard in the mains.

On all of your IEM mixes, it is likely that you already have them set as PRE-FADER, and that's good. In that same small window that is just above the MUTE button for each mix output, there is an option to "Use LR Mute". Uncheck that. Each musician now has their own input channel MUTES which are now labeled AUX MUTE instead of MUTE. The FOH person would indeed mute the live mics and instrument channels with a mute master for convenience, but because each IEM is PRE-FADER, and is not controlled by the FOH mutes, Master Fader can do what you are wishing for. One drawback to this setup is that now the FOH person is no longer in charge of the mutes for IEMs. However.... he or she could setup a VCA that could have all IEM mix masters assigned to it, then when the FOH person hits mute on the "IEM" VCA,.... everyone's IEM gets muted.

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Are you speaking about Behringer

No the mackie