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Hacking the Dock Connector on the DL1608


Hello everyone!
Is there a way to use the dock conector audio inputs without having a device pluged in?
The idea would be to use the inputs as 2 extra line level channels.
Don't know if the audio is played back digitaly via USB or if it is analog?
If it's analog it migh be simply the case of making a couple of holes and pigybacking a couple of RCA plugs or a minijack
Does anyone have any ideas before I start dissasembling my DL1608?

My idea is this won't be as easy or cheap as you think it might be.   I'd be looking around for a DL806 cheap instead.  Then you will have 23 available channels. 

The wired connection audio is digital send via "secret sauce" according to BenO. Time to move to something bigger and not necessarily Mackie.


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