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Effects Footswitch
« on: August 01, 2019, 06:53:42 PM »
I am sorry if this is old news, but after years of owning this board and running sound from the stage I found a way to mute the effects between songs using my AirTurn Bluetooth Pedal. I imagine any type of Bluetooth pedal or keyboard would also work.
First, open Master Fader to the main screen that you use on stage. Using a small triangular corner of a Post It note, place a label on the screen of your iPad pointing to where the mute buttons for Reverb and Echo are found - leave them there for now. Exit Master Fader and open Settings and pair your Bluetooth pedal (AirTurn, Donner, iRig, etc.) to the iPad. In Settings, select General and Accessibility and select Switch Control (don't turn on Switch Control yet) and select Switches. Select Add New Switch and select External. You will see a prompt to "Activate your external switch" so now press the button on your Footswitch that you want to control the effects. You will be able to label the switch on the iPad, for example, Effects 1. Now go back to the previous page and select Recipes and Create New Recipe and select Assign a Switch - select the name you assigned for your Bluetooth pedal switch. A menu will come up with options for that switch, select Custom Gesture. A prompt will come up asking you to Tap or swipe a custom gesture - quickly and carefully tap the screen where you have placed your markers indicating where the mute buttons were located. A blue dot will appear on the screen to indicate where you have touched. Quickly press Save at the top right of the screen when you are done. You can also name this Recipe, for example, "Mackie Effects". Now go back a screen or two and select Launch Recipe and select Mackie Effects (or whatever you have called it). Go back to the page where you can select Switch Control and turn it on. Now go back and open Master Fader again and go to your main screen so the markers you placed line up with the mute controls. When you press the button on your Footswitch you will see targets appear where you made your gestures and, if you were lucky in your placement, the mute buttons will toggle on or off.
I had to go back a couple of times to fine tune my button placement to get it right on but it was not that hard and you can edit and erase your previous or failed recipes. I find it funny that I have been wanting this kind of pedal control for years, not knowing that I had all the tools I needed to do this all along. I hope this is helpful to my fellow Mackie owners, especially the ones who run sound from the stage like I usually do.
You can use this feature to press any buttons or combination of buttons on the Master Fader app or any others for that matter. When you are placing the button locations in the Custom Gesture page, they will respond in the same time frame that you used. For example. If you pushed where the reverb mute button is located then waited three seconds and pressed the delay mute button followed by the kick drum mute five seconds later, the whole sequence would be performed in that manner when you pushed the foot pedal. It opens a whole world of hands free opportunities when you use a foot pedal with say 4 buttons performing various duties - like getting in and out of the tap tempo screen.
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Re: Effects Footswitch
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Awesome! I'll never need it but I copied this for future reference. Excellent job.


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Re: Effects Footswitch
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It was nice of you to take the time to post this!


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Re: Effects Footswitch
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Genius! I wonder if this technique could be used to tap in the delays...