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Master/My Fader V6 Wants and Speculation


V5.1 Released! :)

UserVoice Top 10:

Remember to vote there as that's what Mackie is using as the official "wishlist".

Nice of you to occasionally wake up Rip Van Winkle.

Do you really think that there will be a V6 of any kind at Mackie?

Axis users deserve the effects updates and if Mackie didn't try to force any other input devices than the iPadOS that they are already using, this might be doable with little effort.  (It's really the only thing that MF 5 has that Axis users should want.)    My take anyway.  Mackie could call it Master Fader Axis 5. 

Mackie should just stick with what they "ADVERTISED"

It doesn't matter to me anymore because I no longer own a DC16.
All I have left to sell now is one DL32R.

However, ... it was a good run


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