Author Topic: DL32R high fq chirping sound audible through case and analog outputs  (Read 373 times)


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This is the weirdest problem Iv seen.

dl32r sn: 204208801BRKF0012
dc16 sn: 204418530BRIY0068
Dante Card
Master Fader app: 5
iPad Pro
netgear nighthawk router

This System is a permanent install at a corporation. I freelance on larger broadcasts and live mix for video broadcasts. Im the only engineer that uses the system other than the director.  Most inputs used and all outputs used for mix destinations. Mixer’s been running very well. Version 5 installed many months ago.
One stereo mix dest. is a NuTek Tricaster.

Recently a high fq chirping signal at about 11k, has shown up at the trickster input. I can see the signal on the DL Tricaster output. Chirping is also present on some other outputs of the DL visually and audibly. Also if you put your head in the back of the rack that contains both audio and video devices along with the DL you can hear an audible chirping. There are no speakers in the rack. So the chirping is audible just by putting your head near the equipment. If you turn the DL power off the chirping no longer is present. Powering the mixer back on the chirping starts. Id think that this is a failing chip inside the DL?
I have unplugged all inputs one at a time. Unplugged all outputs one at a time. Powered down all devices in rack one at a time. Rebooted DL many times.

I recorded 32 chan on the mackie with a usb drive connected to the usb port on the back panel. I do this all the time for shows.
I made sure the input channel that returns the output of the tricaster (this was showing the chirping but soft) was nice and loud so it would be obvious when inspecting it at my studio.
Upon checking the audio files, no chirping on any channel was present.
Channel 1 (a wireless mic which was off) was showing DC @-3.5db in ProTools.
I use the return from tricaster to monitor the tricaster program for quality thru the solo bus. (in in-ear monitors). So it looks to me like the DL’s output is sending the chirping to the tricaster and then i can see the tricaster output on the mackie has the chirping. I first thought the chirping could be coming from the tricaster. But it goes away when powering off the DL mixer.
Im totally stumped why there is no chirping signal on the recording and when looking at the DL you see it on input meter.

Any Idea’s gratefully appreciated!!!


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Re: DL32R high fq chirping sound audible through case and analog outputs
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2021, 07:07:08 AM »
Since you pretty well covered the electronic signal sources I would check fans and or Hard drive of the DL32R if used. Since I know of no electronic signal source of sound (without speakers) that would create a audible sound from the DL32R. Disable fans/hard drive briefly and check for sound. The power supply could also be a source but is harder to test for.
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Re: DL32R high fq chirping sound audible through case and analog outputs
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2021, 12:02:58 PM »
Thanks WK!

We had the installer come to check it out and we both think its either the PS or a chip failing. It's going back to Mackie.

thank you!!!