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DL32R Discontinued???

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Has Mackie quietly discontinued the DL32R?


    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
The DL32S is a good mixer, but missing some of the functionality I use in the DL32R.
I installed DL32Rs in two venues, and two local companies are also using them.
I'll have to think about buying a spare...

Good health,  Weogo

Well it took Mackie another year to kill their flagship product Axis. Without a DL32R there is no Axis. DPDAN if you still visit here you made the right choice. Just another nail in the coffin.

Well, it also appears that Mackie has quietly discontinued the DC16:

This appears to have taken place around the time of the distribution of the 2022 price list and accompanying price hikes to the remainder of the digital mixer product line.

It’s anyone’s guess how long they are going to continue to support this product with Master Fader but the more worrying aspect will be the lack of repair parts in future.

16 months without a single Master Fader update is also pretty telling and their own “Roadmap” has come to an end.

Mackie should do the honorable thing by issuing a press release stating their commitment to support customers who paid thousands of dollars for these systems with no path forward except to switch to another manufacturer.

I don't think any of us should be surprised by this.  Its my opinion that these products were not a good fit in the market.  Better units were available at a cheaper price.  This may be the perfect time to mention I was hired several times this summer to mix an eight piece band (two vocalists and a horn section) who had just acquired a Midas M32C with a 32 channel stage box.  I was stunned how good it sounded, and remember I'm a guitar player so anytime I can hear anything at all it's a thrill for me.  Outclassed anything I've heard in its price range.  Unbelievable definition.  The software is great (same as the X32) with lots of options.  You have to get use to jumping from page to page, compared to MasterFader, but its a shallow learning curve.  If your looking to upgrade your system I would highly recommend it.  Best Regards, DigtheDL


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