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Mixing Station for DL32S


Hi Folks,

    Mixing Station is a good app that works on several Behringer/Midas, Allen&Heath and Soundcraft mixers, and
it now works with the DL32S.
Having one app that is cross-platform makes it a bit easier to jump between different brands of mixers.
M S has some useful features that MasterFader doesn't have, like
the ability to see whatever number of channels on the screen that you want.

    On a tablet, I still prefer the Mackie MasterFader app.
But the MasterFader app for the phone is 'lite', so not full control.
The Mixing Station app on the phone looks pretty full featured, so useful if all other screens aren't working.
Am hoping to see it ported soon to the DL32R and DL16S.

    If you have a DL32S, please report on how well this app works.

Thanks and good health,  Weogo

Great last ditch effort by Mackie unfortunately about 3-4 years too late.

Hi WK,

    I'm pretty sure Mixing Station is a separate, third-party effort.
So probably no credit to Mackie for this.

Thanks and good health,  Weogo

Mixing Station is a third party app for many mixers by Dave Schumann. Mackie back in 2014 decided that they would go after anyone that reverse engineered their precious Mandolin communications protocol. The saga with Metacom proved that. You can read about it here  . Shortly after that under the guise of an NDA Metacom was shut down. That is why I believe that Dave needed Mackie's co-operation or more likely paid Dave to port Mixing Station to the DL32S. Mackie would love to see this Forum to disappear along with all their dirty laundry.

P.S. Haven't heard from the owner of this forum (RoadRanger) for over a year and a half.



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