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Cool, nice idea setting this up RR

Thanks for setting this up RR! I have a hunch that we've seen the last of the 'official' forum. Mackie posted this on Facebook earlier today ...

You will note that the Mackie forums remain down. We are working now to implement a modern knowledge base solution that will replace the Mackie forums. We will communicate more as new information arises.

Anyway ... I appreciate your giving us newly orphaned forum folks a new place to hang out!


Ha ha, you beat me there but I didn't see yours until I posted mine. FYI all first posts are on moderation to keep the spammers out but once your first post has been approved you are no longer on moderation and don't have to jump through hoops to post :) . 

We have a "modern knowledge base solution to replace the Mackie Forums"  :lol: "let's do the show right here"  >:D

Sorry it took me so long to get here, I was stumped on the bass string question! 4,5,6,8 :o


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