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Master Fader V1.4 Coming RealSoonNow(tm)

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Yep, well I'm glad that I left the iPads home today. I have a show to do tonight and would have been tempted to load it up. A potential catastrophe. Tomorrow will be upgrade day. After running open mic last night I gotta say that the workflow to navigate is a nightmare right now. As familiar as I am with all the screens, I was busting my ass last night to get back and forth between reverb/delay settings and the main mixer screen. Tell you what would be REALLY cool (for me at least) would be a way to use MY FADER to access just the effects settings while the iPad is still in the main mixing window. That would be a useful tool, again "for me".

Master effects mute and "top level" tap tempo button have suddenly crept into my top 5 although I think I could still get away with using the existing fx mute buttons.

Once again, I hit the eq accidentally while trying to mute and vice versa.

Master Fader V1.4 Just Hit The AppStore! :) :) :)

I'm closing this thread now and we can talk about V1.4 here:


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