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AUX channels issues

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Actually... that's one of the best ideas I've heard so far, as long as I still have enough channels for the rest of the band. I'll definitely think on that one... never even thought of a y-cord as an option. Thanks!


--- Quote from: edtemple on March 20, 2013, 02:45:14 PM ---Actually... that's one of the best ideas I've heard so far, as long as I still have enough channels for the rest of the band. I'll definitely think on that one... never even thought of a y-cord as an option. Thanks!
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That was fairly common practice on them BIG analog boards for the lead singer at least as they usually have the auxes post insert.

If I need to do that with more than one channel I could always use a 4 channel line mixer to feed into one of the 1608 channels.

prosoundco guy:

--- Quote from: edtemple on March 20, 2013, 01:50:30 PM ---I almost sold my Presonus StudioLive... 'til I found out about the aux post dynamics/eq thing. Post eq I can get around, but the post dynamics I can't do because sometimes I'll mix a heavy band with a hardcore screamer that I need to limit severely in FOH. If the 1608 had subgroups with compression control I could do it that way, but that seems like it would add to the complexity of the 1608, and I think it's almost perfect as it is (from messing with the 1.3 app demo). My previous desk was an A&H MixWiz3, and a MW2 before that, so I always thought pre-everything was the norm. Bad me. :-) As soon as the pre-everything option is available, I'm buying it right-quick.

p.s. thanks for starting this forum! I'd been trying to access the Mackie one for days.

p.p.s. extra points for having some of the cast of Angel as your avatar pics.... but why only Buffy's husband? [grin]

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Last analogue board I used on a regular basis was a Mackie VLZ 24.4.2. The Auxes are all pre everything except the trims. You can see the signal chain looking down a channel strip.  First the trim, then 6 aux sends, the first 4 are always pre, the last two are switchable between pre or post. I used them set to post for efx sends. Then the Eq is on the channel, not effecting the auxes. My 1202 is also pre. My SL 24.4.2 is switchable between post, and two  different pre settings. Can't imagine a situation where I would want to change the EQ  or comp settings in a FOH mix and have that effect a monitor mix also. I really hope a software/firmware update addresses this. I did a play Monday night for my first gig with the DL: 4 wireless lavs, 5 pzm floor mics, iPod for musc and SFX,  into a single pair of QSC. k12s. 1,000 seat theatre built in 1913 with great acoustics. Sounded great. Clear to the last row in the balcony.  BUT, no monitors. Friday night is the 4 piece 80's rock band and I'm freaking about the pre aux issue. Have mixed this band many times with the SL and no issues.  I've tried to write a few monitor EQ and channel presets at home before hand. THE AUXES NEED TO BE PRE EVERYTHING ! Or at least switchable........


--- Quote from: sam.spoons on March 18, 2013, 05:31:36 PM ---There was, as you say, loads of discussion of this on the old forums. I think RR has the old stuff archived. However to clarify. The insert FX (i.e. Comp, Gate, EQ) are all pre-aux, send FX (Rev and Delay) are post fade as always. This is the default for nearly all analogue desks for the last 30+ years (The A&H MixWiz is the exception that proves the rule). Digital desks nearly always offer alternative routing to place the dynamics and eq after the aux if required. The DL is unique (at least for now) in being the only desk of it's type, it costs a similar price to a cheap analogue desk a couple of FX units and does way more than even a top of the range live desk of 10 years ago (ok RR allow me a bit of poetic licence here :-). Use the dynamics sparingly as you would have done when you were using analogue and you'll be fine. I believe Master Fader 1.4 won't address this issue but BenO has said it's on the 'to do' list.

For the moment we have to take the DL for what it is, a great small gig desk with great pre-amps and a fantastic workflow. It's not perfect but, so far, it's been getting better with every update. With what is promised for MF1.4 (better dealing with shows and snapshots, icons stored in presets and a few other things) and the My Fader app for the iPhone we'll be getting everything that was promised pre-launch so we should treat everything else as bonus features  8) As Sheryl Crow said "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got" :eek:

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+1 Sam :)


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