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Phantom Power ?

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--- Quote from: WK154 on March 27, 2013, 12:52:28 AM ---I hear you so give the drummer which uses 10 out of you 16 inputs his own mixer and be done with it! You'll even have some spares in case one of the inputs dies. Small analog and you won't even notice it with all the other gear, short cables and he can adjust to his hearts content.
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Dunno how it is where you are but we don't let the drummer (or anybody else on-stage) mix their own FOH sound :o . And I've yet to have a drummer I needed 10 mics on. I just have them in case they are needed :) - along with my "Y" cords ;) .

Did I say FOH NO his own mix ONLY and he would know better than you as to how he want's to sound or you better have a chat. You are on stage and control FOH so do you need to get off stage? The 10 mics was your own headcount. "My EV drum mic kit has 10 mics - two kicks, snare, high hat, two rack toms, two floor toms, and two overheads."  Your info is clearly lacking on details of your band as I picture it.

I never said I was mixing from the stage nor that it was my band or one band in particular. I'd probably choose a StudioLive for that - in fact one band I played in had one of those (16 channel version) and a splitter snake so we could run our own IEM's when using  a house PA. Otherwise we had a guy to push faders for us. I play bass and in that band didn't use an amp. I rehearsed or jammed with four different groups over the weekend - and provided sound for another band x( :lol: .


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