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DL Series UserVoice - The Place for Feature Requests


Just a reminder that the UserVoice system is still there:

> Wow! With so much excitement and great ideas being generated here, we want to be sure
> we get your feature requests for the DL1608 and Master Fader captured. So we've created
> a UserVoice page to collect them. Head on over to
> UserVoice is where you will help shape the future of the Mackie DL1608. It is the place for
> sharing your ideas for new features and voting up other users suggestions. While we won’t
> be able to comment on every request, please be assured that we take all of these very
> seriously and want to give you the best DL1608 and Master Fader we can.
> be sure to get [your ideas] up on to UserVoice so others can vote for your feature
> requests. We really will take them into consideration.
> Thanks!
> Ben Olswang
> Mackie Product Manager
> 800-258-6883
> 425-487-4333


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