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Master Fader V2.0 Wants and Speculation

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The above 10 most wanted list is only a general gist of the features. The implementation will no doubt be different. If they provide one or two consider yourself lucky.

The problem with UserVoice now is that any new ideas will start at the bottom (obviously), it didn't matter when there ere only a dozen or so ideas but with hundreds nobody will ever see the new ones. :(

I think BenO (or whoever the current DL product manager is) should be well aware of the multitude of high demand and high visibility features on our lists.

One interesting part about all this is, with a DSP at the core, the same piece of hardware can be made to have either very low end or very high end feature set.  I would like to think that Mackie wants to max out the set of features that are capable on the DL box, and trust that we will move to higher end and more expensive hardware when we need the channel capacity and/or other I/O that the current DL hardware lacks.  Of course, if they don't do this, their competitors will ... !


--- Quote from: Mikeboltz111 on July 17, 2013, 11:06:29 PM --- For me it's all about function, so prefader auxes is a must.

--- End quote ---
The current features do allow pre fader aux but they are always post Ch eq and post dynamics which is a big PITA for most anyone trying to aux feed stage monitors AND still be able to make eq adjustments to any stage mics post sound check. Almost a great mixer but this is a majorly needed improvement/fix as far as im concerned.

 Features like an RTA overlay or even a simple feedback freq Id assistant would probably make for some nice appeal to the inexperienced or less experienced users more so than to me but seems like it would be a simple and effective tool to add to the current UI


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