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Master Fader V2.0 Wants and Speculation

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DSPs are supposedly fully programmable, so theoretically any combination of routing and processing is possible between inputs and outputs.   And the iPad  control surface means it is also fully programmable with no limitations in configuration whatsoever.   So unless Mackie comes out and says that the DSP they chose has routing limitations, it is their choice not to implement this flexibility.

Actually it's the ARM that does all the routing and decision making not the DSP. The DSP is happy just number crunching on the signals. As you stated there's plenty of compute power there if you're inclined to use it.

I am a bit surprised that it didn't seem like an obvious feature they could have easily implemented at conception with little effort and the absence of this makes me question the competence of the development team. It seems like they need some better experienced audio engineers or maybe simply actually try and test the thing in real situations where stuff like this would become obvious real fast.
My take on the design decisions made by Mackie is based on their desire to mimic the analog desks as much as possible and to keep it simple (KISS) for the intended market (just look at their adds). Since it is all just numbers after the A/D converters it's just moving arrays of numbers around to anywhere until you bring it to the outside world via the D to A's. Just look at the full cross-switch implementation of the XAP-800 (XDM I call it) and all the flexibility it has, but at the expense of complexity for the end user. It takes a bit of doing to understand all the possibilities not something that you would present to this target market. I agree that they missed some essential features in their oversimplification but they still have V1.5 to fix it otherwise the competition will do that for them for their more advanced users market. The key here is not to let the advanced features get in the way of simplicity.

... but it's pretty easy and intuitive to change "Pre" button from a simple on/off to a dropdown with three or four options ... Progressive UIs are a standard concept in the UI/Usability world, and I would find it hard to believe Mackie doesn't understand this.

You will notice that there are no drop-downs anywhere in the App. I agree that the UI is in need of a makeover but I'm informed that revamping the manual would be too much effort at least until V2.0!


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