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Master Fader V2.0 Wants and Speculation

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I just took a quick look at my X32 app (which I had downloaded a while ago) this morning ... they have other bad issues with their UI, but they do have a dropdown for channel send points.

Their big problem is fixed size windows on all their apps even the AMP one. Hope they fix that soon. Lots of GUI packages out there that are cross platform.

Actually I'm getting real tired of pointing this out to App developer (over 15 yrs. by now). Write your app using HTML or any of the web tools and you'll open up possibilities you never even dreamed of. Platform independence and remote access are just a few of the benefits.

I thought the only options for Apple products were the Apple iOS SDK, and HTML5 a distant second if it's even supported.   

My knowledge is a few years old, but at that time the smart device choices were Apple vs Android ... Android unfortunately had a lot of variations between manufacturers, making Apple products the first choice to capture the biggest chunk of the market with one API.   HTML5 was supposed to solve all of the world's API programming issues, but I haven't heard much more about it in the last few years.

I just took a look on the Apple website and it seems to be focused only on it's SDK.   There is the mentione of creating a "Universal App", but in Apple-speak that means an app that will run on an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch ... ha!

Let me paint you the bigger picture in WWW tools. First off Chrome, the number 1 browser in the World by far, is available on the iPad. That and Google maps irks Apple more than anything. Yes, that's due to Android that holds at least 70% of the market in smart phones and half the tablet market. Safari has other competition as well. The point here is your not even tied to a specific web browser since they all have to deal with HTML. Who said anything about iPad lock in to SDK's. I believe Mackie made a strategic error in locking into Apple, but I guess birds of a feather flock together, even paranoid ones. Behringer was smarter than that. No use of 30pin or N direct (USB cables for wired connection) and an open protocol on the iX16. Why would anyone want to reinvent the wheel unless their trying to lock you in to their product. That's been tried in the computer world and the wrecks are strewn all over history and none have survived for long. Those that have survived changed their ways (IBM). Isolationism results are well documented through out history, we're a social animal.


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